Palazzo Stagno Malta

Tales & Legends

There are many legends surrounding this mysterious palazzo. One of the most well known is the story of how the church of St. George came to be built in its present location, instead of the village centre.

It is said that a great and powerful wizard lived in the palazzo in 1570-1580 at the time the church was being built. He was the lord of the territory and was extremely proud of his abode. The engineers, bishop, priests and villagers had decided to build the church in the centre of the village, some distance from the palace. The wizard was unhappy with this because, even though he was a great magician, he nonetheless attached great significance to religious matters. He felt that the church should be built closer to his beautiful palazzo rather than in the midst of the other dwellings. The labourers were already at work building the church in the centre of the village and the engineers, with plans in hand, were busy directing the project. While all this was happening, the wizard stood at the top of his tower laughing away.

Until the foundations were excavated and built, until the beams to erect the church were transported to the village centre, the wizard said nothing; he only laughed and laughed. But, as soon as the stones used to build the church started accumulating, he rose to the highest point of his tower holding a magical scepter and wearing a long pointed hat and robe with baggy sleeves and beautiful designs of suns, moons and stars showing all the constellations of the zodiac. The wizard waited for the moon to rise from the sea, he looked at the signs of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the constellations of Scorpion, Cancer and Capricorn and said “One, two, three! Church or no Church, come here to me!” At that point, all the stones that had been piled besides the foundations could be seen moving. Then, one after another, they travelled and accumulated near the palazzo. The satisfied magician placed his glasses back in his pocket, sniggered, descended from the tower singing and went to bed. The next morning, when the engineers and workers returned to work they were astonished to find that all the stones had gone. Slightly bemused and disheartened, they started accumulating the stones again. The more they accumulated, the more the wizard dismantled and moved them to the other spot near the palazzo. The workers, engineers, priests and bishop finally gave up and understood that the church had to be built near the palazzo and nowhere else. And here, in fact, is where we find it today, a stones-throw from the old wizard’s palace.