Palazzo Stagno Malta

Civil Weddings

Palazzo Stagno is a unique wedding venue of character which allows dream wedding ideas to come to life.

Civil Weddings

The 16th century palace’s extensive grounds include a grand entrance and large internal courtyard, a pool area and gardens, and a number of elegant rooms and halls, which allow for both seated and stand up weddings. Palazzo Stagno is the ideal venue for an intimate wedding lunch or dinner, a romantic garden wedding, or an elegant stand up reception.

Furthermore, Palazzo Stagno’s original chapel and exceptional honeymoon suite make this a truly unique wedding venue, where you can celebrate the occasion of your marriage with a complete wedding package: a civil wedding ceremony, dream wedding reception, and memorable honeymoon night in a single magical location. This unique feature makes Palazzo Stagno ideal for an destination wedding in Malta, and perfect for civil marriages, civil unions, gay weddings, and private weddings.

The exclusive historic property is suitable for a variety of wedding themes. Palazzo Stagno provides the ideal setting for a vintage wedding, a shabby chic wedding, a bohemian wedding, or a classic wedding, while a stunning backdrop for your wedding photography is guaranteed.

While all aspects of the wedding ceremony and reception can be handled by the palazzo, with services ranging from wedding decorations to catering and entertainment, there is no exclusivity and a couple is free to select their preferred service providers. If required, the services of a personal wedding planner are also available.
The palazzo, a private nobility home in the heart of Qormi which has only recently opened its doors to the public, can cater for small weddings of up to 200 people.

To summarise, options for a wedding at Palazzo Stagno include:

  •  Wedding lunches and dinners.
  •  Garden wedding.
  •  Pool side wedding.
  •  Stand up reception in an elegant hall.
  •  Vintage wedding theme.
  •  Shabby chic wedding theme.
  •  Bohemian wedding theme.
  •  Classic wedding theme.
  •  Palazzo Stagno’s own events coordinator.
  •  Wedding planner services.
  •  Wedding catering.
  •  Wedding decorations.
  •  Wedding photography and video.
  •  Musicians and entertainment.
  •  On site piano.
  •  Travel arrangements.
  •  Civil wedding ceremony on location.
  •  Overnight stay in the Honeymoon Suite.

Our events coordinator will be pleased to show you around and advise you on the best choice for your personal requirements, without any obligation.

With so many options and so much flexibility, this is the wedding venue where dreams come true.