Palazzo Stagno Malta

The Mill Room

Small parties that verge on the wilder side can be held within the unique and private evironment of the Mill Room.

The Mill Room

The truly unusual setting adds to the sense of mystery and anticipation for poker nights to stag parties alike.
The Mill Room is a truly unique room unlike what one could imagine, while a personal mill within the palace certainly says something about the standard of living of the family who built it.

Four stone steps lead down to a large rectangular room, a large wrought iron chandelier hanging from the high ceiling and the wooden gears of the old mill displayed on one side of the room. The adjacent room, through an archway, has even more curiosities to reveal. The Mill Room also has direct access to the pool area and gardens.

The Mill Room is 75m2 with a capacity of 40 pax standing or 20 pax seated. For a viewing and to explore options, contact our Events Coordinator.