Palazzo Stagno Malta

The Dining Room, Living Room and Terrace

The combined dining and living rooms are the largest of the indoor spaces available on the ground floor. The living room is an ideal extension to the dining room, for stand up drinks prior to or following a meal, or for additional seating; so is the terrace. The area can be customised to your requirements.

The Dining Room, Living Room and Terrace

The dining room is a marvellous room decorated in the authentic style of the Knights, with a long solid wood table and fourteen large, upholstered chairs which are decorated with a coat of arms. Wrought iron chandeliers, candelabras, wall tapestries and other wooden furniture add to the majesty of this dining room for a truly unique meal experience.

Two doorways lead from the dining room to the terrace (which further leads to the pool and gardens), offering a glimpse of the immense grounds beyond the carved stone bollard wall, while allowing plenty of light to seep in.
An archway leads from the dining room to the living room: an open space with sofas and a fireplace. It is decorated with some intriguing bits of antiques and collectables, such as a large vintage radio and a painted rickshaw, as well as tapestries, painting and old photographs. A large wooden door with glass upper panels leads directly onto the street outside, on the same side of the main entrance.

The dining room is 46m2 and accommodates 14 pax seated around the grand dining table. The adjacent living room is 49m2 and can accommodate an additional 24 pax seated, or 40 pax standing. The terrace is 56m2 and accommodates 40 pax seated, or 60 pax standing.

The magnificently decorated dining and living room can host a variety of events, not only lunches and dinners. Contact our events coordinator for a viewing and to explore options.