Palazzo Stagno Malta

The Courtyard

Entering Palazzo Stagno, you come through a grand entrance into a large internal courtyard, which is one of the Palazzo’s prime locations for an outdoor event.

The Courtyard

A suit of armour stands on one side of the hallway, reminiscent of the Palazzo’s history connected with the Knights of Malta. Wrought iron d├ęcor, numerous archways and high voulted ceiling add to the glamour of bygone times, when architecture and design was magnificent and monumental. The courtyard itself is paved, while the potted plants and trees coupled with the yellowed limestone walls lend it a sense of the typical Maltese natural environment. The combination is simply marvellous.

Two bathrooms serve the area, while the courtyard leads to the dining and living rooms and the mill room, with access to the kitchen and to an open stairway leading to the upper levels. A large gate at one end of the courtyard leads around the periphery of the palace to the pool area and gardens.

The courtyard is 124 m2 with a capacity of 150 pax standing or 60 pax seated. It is the ideal outdoor setting for all kinds of events, from weddings and private functions to corporate events and more. Contact our events coordinator for a viewing and to explore options.